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We Watch 24-7's Mission

We Watch 24-7 develops CCTV security systems while working closely with the client to meet their individual needs. We provide a cutting-edge security solution with greater efficiency and increased accuracy to deter and detect potential threats to your business.

We Watch 24-7's Story

24-7 Fire and Security have launched a new brand specialising in all aspects of CCTV monitoring. The team has more than 30 years' experience in the security industry with 24-7 Fire & Security. Through our existing professional pursuits, we noticed an increasing need for CCTV monitoring services that were more flexible to client needs. In an ever more hectic business environment, they wanted systems that were accurate, efficient and easy-to-use.

After some extensive market research, we settled on Dahua technology. This is one of the most accessible and intelligent CCTV systems on the market. Dahua itself is credited as the world's largest video surveillance product manufacturer and has been active for close to two decades.

The We Watch 24-7 brand does "exactly what it says on the tin". Customers can rest assured that their properties are under constant surveillance, all day every day. Even during weekends and holidays.


With business security more important than ever, we consistently focus on making improvements to our core service offering. We are always on the lookout for the latest and best technology to guarantee that our clients' assets remain protected from all threats.

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